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Three Benefits of Green Cleaning Services

Have you ever heard of the triple bottom line? It’s a business theory used to evaluate the performance of modern businesses. The idea is pretty simple. While the “bottom line” only refers to financial gains, the “triple bottom line” also includes social and ecological concerns. In other words, modern businesses also have to cultivate strong values and communicate them to their customers to be profitable. If your company has toyed with the idea of “going green,” think about revising your janitorial strategy.


Each year, commercial buildings consume more than 6 billion pounds of chemicals, 4 billion pounds of sanitary paper, and 1 billion pounds of janitorial equipment. Furthermore, most cleaning products include volatile organic compounds like phosphorus, nitrogen, and ammonia. All of these chemicals have toxic properties and the potential to contaminate air and water. As such, one of the easiest ways to increase your triple bottom line is to outsource your housekeeping activities to “green” organizations. For example, consider using a green junk removal service to dispose of waste or commercial “green” cleaners to maintain your premises.


Sustainable cleaning practices incorporate non-toxic chemicals to clean surfaces without polluting air and waterways. Green cleaning also involves specialized cleaning techniques that conserve water, electricity, and other natural resources. Examples include reusable microfiber cloths, minimal plastic packaging, and non-abrasive cleaning techniques. These efforts are only a start, but they can be easily translated into an organizational branding or social media campaign.


In addition to the positive brand image, sustainable cleaning practices can also benefit your employees and customers. Environmentally-friendly cleaning products are easier on vulnerable populations who may be sensitive to harsh chemicals and fragrances. If your organization is thinking about “going green,” take the first step and request a free estimate for green cleaning. Our organization will work with you to identify green cleaning opportunities and create a customized estimate.


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