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Advanced Green Cleaning is committed to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in every home and facility we enter, as well as, promoting indoor air quality by implementing our proprietary Advanced Green Cleaning standards and procedures.

We accomplish this level of commitment by incorporating Green Seal Certified chemicals that meet (GS-37) standards, as well as certified equipment that meet the CRI Green Label standards or the standards set forth in LEED IEQ Credit 10.6. We utilize proper training, procedures and agreements for cleaning and a more productive indoor environment with fewer burdens to our natural resources. In essence this will provide products that effectively clean and are environmentally friendly.

All of our Advanced Green Cleaning professional cleaning staff are trained and certified in our environmentally friendly, thorough Advanced Green Cleaning procedures. In short, we want to control the health-negative components within the indoor as well as the outdoor environment.

Advanced Green Cleaning Procedures include:

Advanced Green Cleaning can offer you and your family:

Environmental Benefits


Why Hire Us?

Advanced Green Cleaning is set apart from other cleaning companies because our main mission from day one was to provide professional cleaning using products that are safe for people, pets, and the planet. Other companies have had to change their mission statement to adapt to the trend while ours “the greener clean” we have had since our inception.


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