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Frequently Asked Questions

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Advanced Green Cleaning Helps Occupants Stay Healthy

  • The clear link shown between poor indoor air quality and poor worker performance
  • Many respiratory illnesses are caused by or aggravated by polluted indoor air

Advanced Green Cleaning Protects the Health of Cleaning Staff

  • Training staff in the usage of safer products helps reduce injuries, decrease Workers’ Compensation claims and lower insurance costs

Advanced Green Cleaning Increases the Lifespan of Facilities

  • Proper maintenance extends the longevity and performance of building materials and furnishings

Advanced Green Cleaning Preserves the Environment

  • The cleaning industry currently consumes six billion pounds of chemicals
  • Buying recycled paper and plastic products helps conserve natural resources

Advanced Green Cleaning is committed to providing your home with top-quality cleaning while doing our part to protect the world we live in. With Green Seal Certified® housecleaning chemicalsHEPA vacuums, and microfibers, Advanced Green Cleaning wants you to feel good about the cleanliness of your home and about choosing an environmentally responsible company.

We offer:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • An Exclusive Detail-Clean Rotation System that has proven effective
  • Professionally Trained Employees
  • Affordable, reliable, and thorough service

Advanced Green Cleaning pays attention to the details, cleaning your home the way you would if you had the time. Plus you can relax, knowing that all of our cleaning professionals have undergone extensive training and are fully bonded and insured. Receive your free cleaning estimate today!

Advanced Green Cleaning understands that scheduling is everything. We will work with each customer to design a detailed cleaning regimen that will allow for the size of your home, your lifestyle, and of course your budget.

At Advanced Green Cleaning, we make life easier for you and your family by offering several green cleaning service options:

  • Weekly: Our weekly green cleaning service is popular for busy homes, full of life and social commitments.
  • Bi-weekly: For help with general upkeep, this twice-a-month house cleaning service fits best.
  • Monthly: For a thorough cleaning just when you need it.
  • One-time requests: Your guests will notice how clean your home is when you invite them over for that special occasion. Learn more about special requests.

Feel free to contact us to discuss optimizing your cleaning regimen in further detail.

If the housekeeping service is not bonded and insured, then you would have no recourse if the housekeeper failed to finish the work, and you could be held liable for medical expenses if the employee got hurt while working at your home.

Your homeowners insurance would come to the rescue if an uninsured housekeeper was injured and sued you, but the liability protection provided by home insurance might not be enough if the injury were severe, and regardless of the amount of medical expenses, you’d still be on the hook for the deductible.

Advanced Green Cleaning is fully licensed, insured and bonded. We will treat your home with the care and respect you would expect. However, should anything be damaged or broken during the cleaning service, Advanced Green Cleaning will make every effort to repair or replace the item. Advanced Green Cleaning assumes all responsibility for all work-related injuries to our employees while on the job.

If for any reason you aren’t happy with our professional cleaning servicescontact us immediately. We will come back and clean the specific areas that didn’t meet your expectation. Simply notify us within 24-hours of your initial cleaning service.

We strive for 100% satisfaction each and every time we clean your office. Your home or business and its appearance is very important to us because we realize that the cleanliness of your office not only reflects on your reputation but also on ours.

Advanced Green Cleaning cleaning technicians are employees of our company. We do not utilize independent contractors. Our hiring process begins with a detailed employment application submitted through our website. We scrutinize each candidate and select for the interview process only those eligible to work in the United States and possessing the requisite skills, experience, and references. We verify all application information and perform credit, motor vehicle, and criminal background checks prior to hiring.

Advanced Green Cleaning teams consist of 2 to 4 members, which include a working supervisor. The size of the team depends on the size of your home and condition.

A regularly assigned team of trained cleaning specialists will clean your home. Our employees are non-smokers and will not eat or drink while cleaning your home. Each team is directly supervised by a team leader that reports to one of the owners.

The amount of time Advanced Green Cleaning requires to clean your home depends on the size and needs of your home. Advanced Green Cleaning offers a free consultation in your home and provides an estimate for deep cleaning and regular service. Regular green cleaning service ranges between one hour to two-and-a-half hours, depending on the size of the cleaning team and your needs.

Every home is as unique as the home owner. At Advanced Green Cleaning, we base your exact price on many factors including the size and configuration of your home and the frequency of service. Contact us today for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment with a team leader for more details about our service and an exact price to clean your home.

No. In fact, many of our clients prefer us to clean when they’re out of the house.

We do ask that you be present for the first cleaning, so that you can meet our cleaning technicians, show them around your home, and make them aware of any cleaning preferences or special requests you may have. Other than that, whether you’re home or not when we clean is entirely up to you.

We require that you give our staff an initial walk-through to show us any items that need special care or items that we should not touch or locks or doors or pets that need special attention.

We suggest one of the following methods of arranging access, but we can accommodate virtually any arrangement that is convenient for you:

  • Provide us with a key to keep in our key safe
  • Leave a key for us in a specific location
  • Provide us with a code for your garage door
  • Leave a key with a neighbor or building manager

No. We furnish everything needed to clean your home free of charge. Please review the supplies we use listed in our product list. They are more expensive than their toxic peers, but we use them because the human and environmental health cost is lower. We have researched and selected supplies that are safer for you, your family, your pets, and the environment.

Advanced Green Cleaning appreciates if the customer provides the cleaning team with a clutter-free environment. Organizing large amounts of clutter will incur additional charges.

Yes, Advanced Green Cleaning does provide limited laundry services.

Communication is the key to a successful housecleaning relationship. Please contact us with your questions, concerns, and suggestions so we can continue to provide you with exceptional service.

Communication is the key to a successful housecleaning relationship. Please contact us with your questions, concerns, and suggestions so we can continue to provide you with exceptional service.

Please feel free to visit our careers center or contact us to discuss employment opportunities. We are always looking for additional team members.

Most of our clients have pets. Our employees love pets and are happy to have them around, as long as the pets feel the same way! We even bring treats sometimes! We’d like the opportunity to be introduced to them by you on the first visit, if possible. We’ll have all the information about the pets and their needs on our checklist for future visits.

Absolutely! Gift certificates are a thoughtful and much appreciated gift for new parents, college students, a family dealing with a stressful time, or just as a treat for a good friend. Learn more about Gift Certificates here.


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