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3 Benefits of Green Cleaning Services

Have you ever heard of the triple bottom line? It’s a business theory used to evaluate the performance of modern businesses. The idea is pretty simple. While the “bottom line” only refers to financial gains, the “triple bottom line” also includes...
Every Day Is Earth Day at Advanced Green Cleaning

At Advanced Green Cleaning We Celebrate Earth Day Every Day
Sustainability: The People, Planet, Profit Practice of Advanced Green Cleaning

Social, economic, and environmental sustainability is the key to what we do at Advanced Green Cleaning
Microfibers Are Mondo Effective—and Safer and Healthier All Around

Studies have shown that chemical consumption is reduced by up to 95 percent when using microfiber materials, and water usage is reduced by as much as 90 percent.
Green Cleaning Top Tips

10 top tips for green cleaning including what to use, what to avoid and practical tips.
Green Cleaning: By the Numbers

A look at the numbers from our industry, some of which are astounding. Advanced Green Cleaning is committed to complete transparency in our standards, procedures and the products and equipment that our staff uses.